Casting / Cast posts and medallions for Sydney Harbour

Restored in 2006, this well photographed section of the Sydney Harbour foreshore runs beneath the Southern Harbour Bridge Pylons, on Dawes Point. Comprising of 128 panels, the balustrade was removed from site. Each individual component was number tagged  to be returned to its original position. As much of the  original material was retained as possible. Much of the balustrade was too badly damaged to be restored requiring new patterns and castings to be made to replace the originals.

Forged wrought iron 'T' bolt  fastenings, that secure the posts onto the sandstone plinth were duplicated using the original  wrought iron medallion ring material that was rusted beyond repair. While the restoration was true to the original 1912 design, availability and application of improved paint systems will improve the future corrosion resistance of the cast & wrought iron balustrade.

This job returned the work to the same (or better) standard of it's time, by investigation and deployment of the same manufacturing methods and materials as originally used.

Client: Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority
Architect: Conybear & Morrison.
Head contractor: Ward Civil Engineering

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