Heritage Restoration / Victorian Palisades
For a reproduction Victorian palisade fence and gate for your residence or given project you can choose from a broad selection of cast iron or aluminium picket heads (or we can cast a reproduction from an existing spearhead). Particular attention is paid to corrosion resistant protective coatings. If on-site restoration is required, an on-site paint removal and repainting service is offered. Palisading choices are as follows:
  1. single pickets in panel
  2. top and middle row in panel

Victorian Palisade Terrace Gates feature the traditional hand-made strap hinge and pivoting pedestal bearing system and scroll latch. Gates designs are as follows, prices do not include installation:

  1. COMMON EARLY VICTORIAN- pickets along top, with middle braceĀ  $ 1500
  2. EARLY VICTORIAN-Top and middle row of pickets. - $ 2000
  3. EDWARDIAN-Scroll work and detail on top of gate and a middle row of pickets -$2200
  4. PADDINGTON- Scroll work and detail on top of gate, middle picket row and sheet metal infil at base - $ 3500
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